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I'm a UX Designer with expertise in design systems, prototyping, and interaction design. I particularly enjoy designing for AR, building design systems, prototyping and connecting with people.


My Expertise

Design Systems

More than UI components. It's a visual language that requires governance and collaboration between Product, Design, and Engineering to build tools that save your company money while making your product mind-blowing.

Interaction Design

Design for superpowers. Products we design together aren't just usable or readable. They inspire, delight, and empower your customer to be their own unique Iron Man.

Research & Discovery

Find and define. I use competitive analysis, field research methods, and a lot of questions to ensure a deep understanding & empathy of your user to make sure we solve the right problem in the best way.


Bring it to life. The tool doesn't matter. What matters is being able to quickly bring a concept to life, test it, and iterate.


Nathan was proactive, timely, prepared, humble, and always full of creative insights and ideas. And he is just a great guy to be around, ready with a quick smile and a laugh. It’s hard not feel inspired to be your best self around Nathan.

Taylor Halverson

Product Owner

Nathan is a wonderful mix of grit, motivation, inquisitiveness and humility. [He] is a rock solid systems thinker with tremendous trajectory in his career. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Rick Rodriguez

Head of Design Systems
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